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“A companies brands are it’s most important and most valuable asset”


About Us

The Brand Protection Co. is a trade marks and IP firm which is located in Melbourne, Australia. We provide trade marks and IP advice for our clients both for the Australian marketplace, as well as for other markets across the globe.

Our clients range from start up organisations through to established companies and we provide our range of services to companies across a wide range of industries including; Not For Profit, FMCG, IT, software development, health and beauty, travel, fashion, agriculture, food, consumer goods, retail, insurance, food manufacturers, financial services, legal services, cosmetics and hospitality.

Our mission is to provide the best possible professional and commercially relevant advice to our clients. We also aim to provide our services at very competitive rates, without compromising our service to you.

What Clients Say


Trade Mark Registration 


We work closely with medium sized through to large multinational organisations and their CMO's, CEO's and marketing teams, to provide a range of Intellectual Property services that assist them in identifying and protecting their IP.

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 Social Brand Protection


Protecting and securing your organisations name as well as your brands is one of the most urgent and important
activities companies need to  undertake. A major issue companies now have is realising their brand has been
taken by a social cyber squatter, consumer or competitors.

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Brand Strategy Services

At the Brand Protection Co. we use our extensive expertise to help our clients with their business plans, marketing and communication and brand strategy services. With over 20 years of marketing, communication and brand strategy experience we help brand owners to protect and grown their brand equity in the markets they operate in.

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Intellectual Property Protection

The Brand Protection Co. specialises in all trade mark matters. We can assist you on any matter relating to your current or proposed trade mark registration.

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Social Media


We use our extensive expertise to build and develop highly successful social media strategies. From the creation of your social strategy to the execution of your social media plans we help deliver successful social media strategies.

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Domain Names


Securing and protecting your domain names and social media channels is critical for business success in toady's online world. We help secure brand name urls and social media channels.


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