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Brand Strategy


“With over 20 years experience in brand development and brand management, we understand how important your brand/service is to your business.”

That’s why we work closely with you at every stage of your brands/services life cycle to protect your intellectual property.


In today’s competitive business world  you need to be strategic and where possible, protect your brand and its intellectual property  to fully capitalise on your marks reputation. It is important in today’s competitive business environment, that  brand owners protect all aspects of their Intellectual Property.


Having a robust brand strategy in place is important for every business. No matter what stage in the product life cycle your brands are at, whether you are creating a new brand, or just updating your existing brands, we can assist in the management of your Intellectual Property and branding strategy.


We work closely with you to create a robust brand strategy that provides protection for your brand and associated products.


As part of our branding strategy services, we look at every aspect of your brand or service to ensuring that you can secure your Mark,  as well as securing appropriate Social Media channels and domain names.


New Product Development

From the moment you have an idea for a new product or service; the Brand Protection Co. team can provide assistance by ensuring that all the elements of your new brand or service can be secured.


Existing Brands

Even if your brand is well established in the marketplace, the Brand Protection Co. can assist you by identifying your brands intellectual property and ensuring that it correctly secured and that your competitors are not infringing on your trade marks.


It is also important for existing brand managers that your brand is being used consistently and in accordance with your legal obligations.


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