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Social Commerce Services


When chatbubblebluesized.png it comes to social commerce we understand the unique power of social media. Social media provides unparalleled ways to build your brand's tribe and engagement, resulting in sales generation and maximising your ROI. To take your online business to the next level, social commerce needs to be considered as one of the next steps in your company’s social media strategy.

At the Social Tonik. we have developed a Facebook e-commerce platform that means that your customers can discuss, get trusted opinions and then buy your products without having to navigate away from your Facebook Page.

Our Facebook e-commerce solution provides:

  • Facebook store front skin customisation
  • Ability to showcase your entire suite of products
  • Your  fans can share, like, recommend and comment on each individual store item
  • Have the ability to set up your store in multiple languages 
  • Ongoing In-depth analytics reports available to access at any point in time.

By transforming your Facebook Page into an online Facebook store, you provide your customers with the ability to interact with your brand, make a decision and purchase your products without having to leave your page.

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