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Social Media Identity Protection Services

To date Social Media has become an easy vehicle for cyber squatting,  brand-squatting and brand misrepresentation.  With no real regulation or central control system for taking down names it is important for companies to secure their brands and marks in this important communication channel in order to protect their brand names.

With 8 people connecting to the Internet for the first time every second, and global Internet penetration at only 34%, problems of social-cyber squatting, brand squatting and brand misinterpretation will continue to increase. As will the number of similar brand names that legitimately operate within their country territories.

Social Media Online Mark Protection

Our Social Media Trademark Management system is the perfect solution for companies to use  to make sure that your brand or mark does not fall victim to cyber squatting,  brand-squatting and brand misrepresentation, which can lead to loss of  income, brand misrepresentation which in turn lead to a loss of brand equity and reputation.

Our Social Media and E Marketing services include:

  • Social Media Monitoring

  • Brand Reputation Management

  • Social Media & IT Policies and Procedures

  • Cyber-squatting & Domain Name Disputes

  • Website and Mobile App advice

  • Social Media Strategies

  • Social Media Brand Protection


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