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Trade Mark Registration and Protection Services


Operating across the Asia Pacific region, the Brand Protection Company is a Melbourne based full service IP, digital and Brand Development company.

Your brand is  the most important asset in your business. By registering your brand or mark you are gaining official protection within Australia. With all forms of Intellectual Protection, it is important to use qualified experts to manage your companies greatest asset.

The Brand Protection Co. provides a one-stop solution for all of your trade mark services. We pride ourselves in working with you to understand your IP needs (both now and into the future) and in-turn ensure that the most appropriate part of your brand is trade marked.

For more information about the Brand Protection Co. trade mark registration services , please contact us to see how we can help you.

The Benefits of a Trademark registration

  1. Securing Exclusivity - Registering your trademark is a quickest and cost-effective way in providing legal exclusivity for the use of your brand name, mark or logo.
  2. Geographical Coverage - Registering your trademark can generally give you Australia-wide protection within relevant classes.
  3. Deterring and Preventing Others - Registering your trademark also provides a deterrence from other traders using trademarks that are similar or identical to yours in relation to your goods and services.
  4. Protecting yourself from Infringement Claims
  5. Controlling the Use of your Brand by Others - Registering your trademark makes it a lot easier to licence the use of your trademark to another party.
  6. Capturing the Value of what you Create

By registering your brands and marks you can significantly increases the value of your brand to potential purchasers as a registered trademark provides a level of security with the brand.




Brand Protection and Consulting Services

We work closely with businesses ranging from start-up's through to  large multinational organisations and their CMO's, CEO's and marketing teams, to provide a range of consulting services ranging from Intellectual Property Identification and protection strategies, Business Planning, Marketing and Communication services that assist companies protect their Intellectual Property and Grown their brands.

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Our Services

The Brand Protection Co. offers a range of  Intellectual Property, Business,  Marketing and Communication business plans services.

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